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Chee Wai’s Background

Growing up

Chee Wai started with humble roots in Singapore. Born to a working class family, he was raised on the values of hard work and perseverance, and his family worked hard every day to ensure he received the education he needed to propel his life forward. His family tried to run businesses, unsuccessfully though; and he often envied the lives of people with all the good things in life, and those moments planted seeds of a “if they could do it, so could I” attitude that would set the tone for the rest of his life.

From boys to men

Chee Wai served as a Commando Lieutenant in the Singapore Armed Forces for two and a half years. He describes those years as the toughest days of his life to date. The elite unit of the Armed Forces, his training includes extreme physical activities that would test not just a human’s physical, but also their mental limits. Some of his most distinct character and traits – leadership, tolerance, teamwork, being the best of the best – would be forged here. He would also learn that mental strength is more powerful than physical strength because often it is the mind that quits before the body.

From finance to sales

Never in his life has he ever imagined he would be in sales. Singapore is the financial hub of Asia and he specialized in finance so he could be “successful” like every banker in the country. The road to success would take an unbelievable twist and take him onto the path of sales; not just any sales – direct, door to door, cold calling, face to face sales. While it was absolutely not something he expected to do, he would quickly excel in it, and the path of sales would teach him some of the most important lessons in today’s business world: dealing with rejections, breaking out of his comfort zone, persistency, the art of negotiation and building trust. He would hone these skills to perfection and in the 10 years that ensued, use them to build the businesses he’s in today.


Today, Chee Wai is a respected and leading figure in the field of Leadership, Motivation, Sales, Training and Public Speaking. He is an entrepreneur, investor, real estate developer, writer and public speaker. His goal is to be able to impact people by coaching them on the application of success philosophies
he has adopted throughout his own life.

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